Make this the year you stop thinking about the benefits of natural gas and start living with them

Top 7 Reasons to Choose Natural Gas

  • 1 Affordable Natural gas provides the best overall energy value, costing less than alternative fuels.
  • 2 Clean It is the cleanest burning conventional fuel, producing 45% less carbon dioxide than coal and 30% less than fuel oil when burned. It's better for homes, businesses and the environment.
  • 3 DomesticNearly all natural gas consumed in North America – 98% - is produced in the US and Canada.
  • 4 AbundantThere is a supply of natural gas to last for generations.
  • 5 Efficient Natural gas provides more efficient heat over oil or electric systems and you only pay for what you use. High efficiency gas heating systems could save to $1,200 in operating costs.
  • 6 Reliable Natural gas is always there with no deliveries needed.
  • 7 Versatile It has many uses in the home/business, from heating and water heating to cooking and clothes drying.

Natural gas isn’t just easier on your wallet, it’s easier on the environment, and it's a domestic fuel source with abundant supply for years to come. By switching from oil heat to natural gas, you'll be welcoming a cleaner energy source into your home or business. Start exploring below:


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Savings Tip

No need to buy a new heating system

Unitil offers rental conversion burners and water heaters to help make the switch easy and budget-friendly.
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