Our EasyCare rental and service plans keep your family comfortable all year long.
Unitil makes switching to natural gas easy and budget friendly with our rental conversion burner and water heater programs.
Every rental comes with free, 24 hour service, seven days a week.
You can soon be enjoying all of the benefits offered by natural gas.
EasyCare Rental Conversion Burners 
Switch to natural gas without replacing your existing oil boiler or furnace!  A gas conversion burner allows you to switch from oil to natural gas by replacing only the oil burner on your current boiler or furnace.Conversion burners are an easy way to make the switch to natural gas! An EasyCare rental conversion burner is an inexpensive way to replace or upgrade your existing oil boiler or furnace.  Our trained technicians will examine your heating system and let you know if you're eligible for a conversion burner. Rentals come with 24/7 emergency service. Contact us at 888-486-4845888-301-7700888-486-4845 for more information and to schedule an appointment.
With rental fees as low as $23.95 per month (for qualifying systems and standard installations) it's the easiest, fastest and most inexpensive way to convert your oil boiler or furnace.
EasyCare Rental Water Heaters 

An EasyCare rental water heater is an efficient, budget-friendly way to replace or upgrade your existing water heater. Rentals offer a worry-free solution to your hot water needs.  We’ll install an energy efficient gas rental water heater for a low monthly rate starting at $14.00 (up to $26.50 depending upon the type of water heater installed)of $12.95 plus applicable sales taxstarting at $14.00 (up to $26.50 depending upon the type of water heater chosen). There are no extra charges for standard installations. When a rental requires replacement we'll be there to install a new unit to keep the hot water flowing with no inconvenience to you and your family. 
Rental benefits: 
  • No up-front costs for standard installations
  • Quality water heaters, including high efficiency models
  • Quality installations by licensed service providers
  • No unexpected repair charges
  • 24 hours / 7 days per week emergency service
  • Low monthly payments
Contact us at 866-933-3820888-301-7700866-933-3821.
We're Here When You're Ready!
To avoid the inconvenience of losing hot water or the expense of cleaning up after a leak, consider replacing your water heater before problems arise.
The average life span of a water heater is ten years. It could be much less for some areas due to water composition or water pressure.
Check your current water heater for signs of rust or mineral build-up. If you notice signs of corrosion, it may be a good time to proactively replace the unit.
EasyCare Service Plans
EasyCare Repair Service Plans provide protection for your home heating system, central cooling system, water heater and interior gas lines. Please call us at 866-933-3820 if you have a service issue or question.
EasyCare heating system coverage: $147.95
You can avoid expensive heating system repairs with EasyCare heating system coverage. Equipment manufacturers recommend regular cleaning and maintenance of these systems to insure their safe and efficient operation. Whether your heating system is new or old, you can get peace of mind protection with EasyCare.
Central cooling system coverage: $124.95
In addition to our heating system plan, we also offer central cooling system coverage for year-round protection and comfort. Your central cooling system can experience the same types of problems as your home heating system. Plus, repair costs can rise as high as the summer temperatures. EasyCare for cooling systems covers most parts and the labor to repair them.
Discounted heating & central cooling system coverage: $241.95 
We also offer a discount to customers who purchase heating and central cooling coverage together. You can save over 10% by getting both heating and central cooling system coverage at one low price for year-round protection.
Heating system & water heating coverage: $162.95
We also offer protection for your water heater, in addition to your heating and central cooling systems. EasyCare coverage is also available for your natural gas direct, or indirect, water heater. This option can only be purchased with our EasyCare heating system coverage plan [see above].
Total Care package (heating, central cooling and water heater coverage): $254.95
Our Total Care package provides year-round protection for your equipment and the peace of mind to go along with it. Save by signing up for this comprehensive plan and protect your heating, cooling and water heating equipment with one low price.
Gas line protection: $23.88
Did you know you are responsible for gas pipe repairs from the meter to the appliances inside your home? If repairs are needed, EasyCare Gas Line Protection covers the cost to repair your interior piping when needed, including labor. This inexpensive, convenient repair service is available to single-family homeowners for a minimal monthly fee. 

Payment Options
There are three easy ways to pay for your EasyCare protection plans:
  • One-time payment
  • 3 consecutive monthly payments*
  • 12 consecutive monthly payments*
* These payment plans are subject to the approval of our credit department. Customers are responsible for the total annual cost of the plan and a charge of $1.00 per payment will be applied to the multi-payment options. For more information on our EasyCare Service Plans, call us at 866-933-3820.
Fuel Assistance Discounts
Customers receiving fuel assistance may be eligible for free or discounted products and services through their local Community Action Program (CAP) agency. For questions or to see if you qualify, please contact your local CAP agency. 
Rockingham CAP: 603-895-3858
Strafford CAP: 603-516-8130

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