Natural gasThe benefits are numerous: natural gas is among the cleanest, most affordable energy sources available. It’s an abundant, American-made energy product. And its use helps reduce smog, acid rain, and greenhouse gas emissions – locally and nationwide. Natural gas can be used for heating, cooling, cooking, drying, and more.

According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, slightly more than half of the homes in the United States use natural gas as their main heating fuel. Natural gas is also used in homes to fuel stoves, water heaters, clothes dryers, and other household appliances. 

Natural gas supplies nearly one-fourth (24%) of all of the energy used in the United States.  Due to its efficiency, cleanliness and reliability, natural gas is growing increasingly popular.  The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) expects the consumption of natural gas to increase 20 percent by 2030.  Most of the growth in natural gas demand comes from electricity generators, who have turned to natural gas because it is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel and highly efficient.

Natural gas is delivered to customers through a safe, sound, 2.3-million mile underground pipeline system that includes 2 million miles of local utility distribution pipes (1.2 million miles of utility mains, plus 800,000 miles of utility service lines); and 300,000 miles of transmission lines. This underground system has an outstanding safety record. And, natural gas is an environmentally-friendly choice, addressing several pollution concerns including smog, acid rain and greenhouse gas emissions.

At Unitil, we're not only your energy partner, we're also your neighbor. Our employees live in the very communities that we supply energy to. We have made an investment in and a commitment to our communities as we continue to bring you America's best energy value. We are proud to offer our customers with an affordable, reliable and environmentally-friendly energy option for your home. 


Save On Switching Today!

If you're considering the switch to natural gas, take advantage of our free service line installation offer (where applicable).

If your home is located less than 100 feet from a natural gas main and you intend to use natural gas to heat your home, installation of a natural gas service line from the street to your home is FREE! With natural gas piped into your home, you'll use only what you need and you won't have to worry about fuel storage, fuel pre-payments or deliveries.

To find our about your natural gas options or to apply for service, contact Unitil at 866-933-3820 888-301-7700 866-933-3821or online here.

In Your Home

Not only is natural gas a cost-effective energy source for the residential consumer, it also has a number of varied uses.  The best known uses for natural gas around the home are natural gas heating and cooking.

Natural gas is one of the most popular fuels for residential heating. Despite a marked increase in the proportion of homes using natural gas, the actual volume of natural gas consumed has not increased to the same degree due to increased efficiency of natural gas appliances. Modern top of the line gas furnaces can achieve efficiencies of over 90 percent (meaning that only 10 percent of the energy contained in the natural gas is lost as waste heat). Even low-end natural gas furnaces achieve high efficiencies, around 78 percent. Many customers also use it for water heating. 

Cooking with a natural gas range or oven can provide many benefits, including easy temperature control, self ignition and self cleaning, as well as being approximately one-half the cost of cooking with an electric range. Many of the top chefs prefer natural gas ranges for their quick heating ability and temperature control. 

In addition to heating homes, natural gas can also be used to help cool houses through natural gas powered air conditioning. Natural gas air conditioning is nothing new. However, due to new advancements in technology and efficiency, natural gas air conditioning is experiencing a resurgence in popularity. Although natural gas air conditioner units are initially more expensive than a comparable electric unit, they are considerably more efficient and require less maintenance. Modern residential air conditioner units use close to 30 percent less energy than in years past, and have an expected working life of 20 years with very little maintenance. 

Natural gas appliances are also rising in popularity due to their efficiency and cost effectiveness. Although many gas powered appliances are initially more expensive than their electric counterparts, they are commonly much cheaper to operate, have a longer expected life, and require relatively low maintenance. Some examples of other natural gas appliances include space or garage heaters, clothes dryers, pool and jacuzzi heaters, fireplaces, barbecues, generators and outdoor lights. All of these appliances offer a safe, efficient and economical alternative to electricity or other fuel sources.


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