Electric Customers

The following companies have been approved by the state of MassachusettsNew Hampshire to sell or broker electricity to retail customers.  The list contains the supplier’s licensed name and their contact information. Please contact them for more information about their pricing, service, contract terms, and other details about their offers. The supplier must also be registered with Unitil to provide electric service.


If you are considering buying energy from an energy supplier, make sure to get the following information:
  • What is the term of the contract?
  • Are there minimum bill amounts?
  • Are the energy prices fixed, or will they change from month to month?
  • Does the supplier have a customer service center or website?
  • Will the supplier bill you directly, or will charges be included in your Unitil bill?
  • Are there any early termination fees associated with the contract?


Renewable energy supply options
Unitil is discontinuing its Renewable Source Option, also known as the Green Neighbor Program, effective December 19, 2013.  Unitil appreciates your participation in the program.  However, due to a lack of customer participation, it is not cost effective to continue providing this particular service to customers. If you have an interest in renewable energy, the following is a listing of some suppliers that offer renewable energy products:
The US Department of Energy provides a webpage with a listing of more than 20 marketers that provide renewable energy and retail renewable energy credit products available to retail customers nationally or regionally.


Historical electric rates




Electric Suppliers

2014 Meter Reading Schedule, January - June

2014 Meter Reading Schedule, July - December

Residential Electric Tariff Information

Business Electric Tariff Information


2014 Holiday Schedule

New Year's Day (observed) Wednesday, January 1, 2014
Memorial Day Monday, May 26, 2014
Independence Day Friday, July 4, 2014
Labor Day Monday, September 1, 2014
Veteran's Day Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Thanksgiving Day Thursday, November 27, 2014
Day after Thanksgiving Day Friday, November 28, 2014
Christmas Day Thursday, December 26, 2014


EDI Operating Schedule

Each trading partner will have daily schedules that will be accommodated to the extent possible. Operating schedules cannot be standardized because of differences in daily transaction volumes, processing techniques, technology, etc. The EBT Working Group has developed a baseline schedule that all trading partners can rely on that does not place an undue burden on any trading partner. 

The common Distribution Company transaction processing schedule for a normal business day is as follows:
1. Supplier transactions must be received by the processing Distribution Company by noon each working day Transactions received by noon will be processed and responded to by noon of the following business day.
2. Validated usage transactions will be transmitted to Suppliers by noon of the day following the corresponding Distribution Company processing cycle. 

Class Average Load Shapes
Rate Class Load Profile Meter Type
RD-1 RD1 Watt Hour
RD-2 RD2 Watt Hour
GD-1 GD1 Demand
GD-2 GD2 Demand
GD-4 GD4 Optional Time of Use
GD-5 GD5 Watt Hour
GD-3 GD3 Demand with record
SD SD Unmetered
This file describes the format of the load profiles data file.
Column 1 - Date
Column 2 - Profile Class
* This is the Meter Type in most cases - there may be exceptions.
Columns 3-26 - Interval Data
The interval data is in units of kW and are shown on a per customer basis.
Class Average Load Shapes:
Distribution System Loss Factors
Rate Class Distribution Loss Factors
RD-1, RD-2 6.35%
GD-1 6.35%
GD-2, GD-4, GD-5 6.12%
GD-3 3.68%
SD 6.35%
Distribution System Loss Factors
Rate Class Distribution Loss Factor
G2 6.392%
OL 6.468%
D 6.468%
G1 4.591%




Unitil Contact Information:

Todd Bohan
Sr. Energy Analyst 
Fax: 603-773-6647
Phone: 603-773-6473


Watt Hour
Watt Hour
Optional Time of Use
Watt Hour
Demand with recorder
*The New Hampshire Public Utilities Commission, in making the list available, does not guarantee or make any representation regarding the financial stability or service quality of the suppliers listed.

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