As a local energy distribution company, we strongly believe in coordinated, long-term efforts to diversify our regional energy supply. We work with policymakers, collaborating partners and customer groups in all of our communities to support energy diversification and efficiency efforts.  We also work closely with our customers to better understand how energy resources can be safely and efficiently integrated into our system and their homes, stores, and factories.  Finally, we recognize that making these new and innovative technologies and processes work successfully together will require our full engagement and participation.

Alternative technologies such as solar, wind, biomass, clean cogeneration and enhanced techniques for conservation are improving.  Demand for such technologies is increasing.  And support for the transition to a sustainable energy future through programs such as net metering, renewable generation portfolio standards, and smart grid investments, are making a difference. Unitil is excited to participate in providing sustainable, long-term energy solutions in New England.


Renewable Energy Generation


Renewable Energy Generation

We encourage our electric customers to join the hundreds of renewable self-generators who are generating their own renewable energy in parallel with our existing electric system and install renewable energy systems on their property. While such a project can be an undertaking, you’ll be helping to offset your electric usage from your utility, which can lower your monthly utility bill. You’ll also be joining a community of green-minded customers that support the development of renewable energy alternatives locally and nationally. 

Through net metering, customers are credited for the electricity that they generate on-site, in excess of their own electricity consumption because they are helping offset the electricity they would have purchased from Unitil. If a customer does generate more energy than they use in a billing period, their meter turns backwards to indicate their net excess generation.

Get started by reading our primer and filling out the right application.


Renewable Energy Supply

If you have an interest in renewable energy, we have compiled a listing of some suppliers that offer renewable energy products. Click here for more information.

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